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Creative Journaling, Part One: What to Write When You Can’t Think of Anything to Write

Did you know the best solution for writer’s block is to write? It’s true. Your brain is a muscle, and the more you use it, the better it functions.

Imagine priming a dry water pump. You begin by pouring water—the very thing you want to come out of the pump—back into a pump that is not producing. This priming creates enough pressure for water to start flowing from the pump again.

The same is true for journaling. When you warm up your brain with simple writing exercises, you begin seeing results. Creativity is unlocked, ideas get sparked, and the words begin to pour out.

Avoid the frustration of writer’s block with a short daily journaling practice. A Five-Year Journal is the perfect tool with just six lines per day—enough space to jumpstart your creativity. Then, cruise right into working on a portion of your manuscript or story without hesitation.

Print this sample of our Five-Year Journal Single Page Entries to try this journaling prompt and start writing today:

        • Identify five bucket list items. Why did you choose these activities? Which one are you most likely to check off your list in the next year?

Over the next few weeks, we will share several more ways to journal and keep your brain in writing mode.