DSC04155After the turkey is nothing but bones and the Black Friday sales have fizzled, let’s celebrate Cyber Monday with a great deal on five-year journals!

For the twenty-four hours of Monday, November 30th,  five-year journals are only $25.99; that’s $10 less than the retail price of the same journal on Amazon.com. Your purchase also comes with a coupon for $20 off any Writing Your Life online or in-person class or program, ideas on how to be a successful journal writer, and free gift wrapping, if requested­. To purchase your copy, click here, select the color journal you’d like, and enter the coupon code cybermonday. Click apply, and you’ll see the reduced price.

Five-year journals are great for non-writers, as well as committed journalers, because it takes only five minutes a day. Record your day’s events, thoughts, feelings, highs, and lows in this sturdy, hardback-bound journal. The top of each page displays the month and day and provides six ruled, quarter-inch lines for each of the five years.

Use this versatile book as a diary, a gratitude journal, a place to record five years of a child’s or grandchild’s life, a reflection of your marriage or career, a way to record goals and actions taken. How you use this five-year journal is limited only by your imagination.Red,_Green,_Navy_Color_Journals_Stacked_Thumbnail

Bob_and_Patricia_at_Fountain_#3My five-year journals are my most cherished possessions because they hold the daily memories of my ten-year marriage to my husband Bob. I started my first five-year journal right after we married on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005, and it continues to be a source of great conversations as we look back across our years together.

I currently have cranberry red, navy blue, sapphire blue (4 left), and hunter green (1 left). Another shipment is expected December 10th and will include black and chocolate brown journals as well. If I don’t have your desired color, purchase a journal for the reduced price on Cyber Monday, and I will ship it to you as soon as the new order arrives. Click here to buy one or more five-year journals.

A gift of a five-year journal gives to the recipient long after the last entry is completed.

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