10855171094_1db9ff2fc0_bMy mentor, Lezlie Laws of LifeArt Studio, is big on gratitude, regardless of life’s circumstances and has me writing a gratitude list every day. It works. No matter what’s going on, during the time I’m making that list, I am focused on the positive. I find myself looking for good things throughout the day, so I’ll have more for my list the next day. I always find what I’m looking for.

This week, Lezlie’s blog post referred to an article by Leo Babauta titled “31 Perfect Things” where he listed his thirty-one perfect things, including an avocado, fallen leave, people laughing, a song that gets you dancing, and so forth. That made me think. What would my list look like?

  1. being married to the greatest guy in the world
  2. good friends
  3. Lake Fairview
  4. work I love
  5. cold watermelon
  6. making people laugh
  7. writing
  8. meeting interesting people
  9. a walk in the woods
  10. cool air
  11. wearing shorts on Christmas
  12. reading a good book
  13. pelicans fishing
  14. hydrangeas
  15. boiled crawfish
  16. dancing and getting the steps right
  17. a warm blanket
  18. cold caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper over ice
  19. waking up without an alarm
  20. good choices
  21. help available for the asking
  22. my parents
  23. Treehouse Masters
  24. bookcases full of books
  25. wood storks
  26. purple
  27. trees
  28. a new bar of soap
  29. fire on a cold night
  30. a good idea

I’ll end my list as Babauta did:

  1. you

I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being a part of Writing Your Life and sharing your stories with me, and I wish you the most joyous holiday season. Start them off with gratitude by making a list of your thirty-one perfect things. Then let us know what you hold dear in the comment box below.

photo credit: I express infinite love and gratitude at all times via photopin (license)


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