A few weeks ago at A Better You Expo, an amazing boy stood before me and told me he wanted to buy my book because he was going to write his life story. His name is Gabriel Herrera, and he is ten years old. That day, Gabriel convinced me that you are never too young to begin writing your life story.

Gabriel Herrera
              Gabriel Herrera

Before Gabriel, the youngest student I had was a twelve-year-old girl named Haley, and from her, I learned a lot about making writing fun. She came to the writing table with a bag full of pens, all colors, all styles, and for each assignment, she chose the best color for the job. Sometimes she added drawings to her stories, and in the end, her paper was a rainbow of colors, thoughts, and images.

Gabriel’s mom, Jennifer, tells me that Gabriel has been interested in writing for several years but has been working on fiction stories until now. “When he met you, he thought it was an amazing idea to write about his life,” she says. “He thought about how he enjoys listening to his grandfather’s stories of his childhood, so he wants to have something he can pass along to his children and grandkids.” How amazing is that!

A day or two after I met Gabriel, I received an email from him, saying this about Eating an Elephant, “I wanted to say that this advice is amazing, and I love your motto. I will be making notes of my life tomorrow.” I don’t think I’ve ever received a finer review of my book. Thank you, Gabriel.

When he’s not writing his life story, Gabriel’s mom says he loves to read and can sit for hours until he finishes the book he started. He also has a wide variety of interests in addition to reading and writing. He enjoys playing soccer and other sports and completes all his homework before his brother and neighbor get home from school, so he’s all ready for the ball game sure to begin. He loves music and dancing and “is very eager to learn, so he is always asking all sorts of questions,” says his mom. Gabriel is a part of the Future Problem Solving Club at his elementary school as well as the Community Problem Solving Club.

Remember Gabriel Herrera’s name because you will hear of him again. He promises to send me a story from his life, so be on the lookout for that, but we’ll probably see his name on the bestseller list one of these days.

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