After a drought of more than two years of not teaching ongoing, in-person classes, I am so happy to welcome these six women to the first class held in a room designed and decorated for group writing events.

Left to right: Beverly Bailey, Amanda Benson, Becky McGregor, Barbara Rawls, Cheryl Floyd, and Diane Gosheff

Most are wonderfully familiar faces of long-time class members, but Writing Your Life’s Fall 2017 Six-Week Class also includes a young mother on fire to write the stories of her interesting life.

As with most of my ongoing classes, we read a published memoir, and in this case, we are studying the work of Max Apple as he writes about his beloved grandmother in I Love Gootie. This is Apple’s second memoir. His first, Roommates, written about sharing a home with his grandfather Rocky, was turned into a Disney movie of the same name, starring Peter Faulk, D.B. Sweeney, Julianne Moore, and Ellen Burstyn. Quite the lineup.

If you’d like to read along with us, please share your impressions of I Love Gootie. So far, class members feel mixed about the character of Gootie. We’ll just have to keep reading and see how well Apple paints the portrait of this important person in his life.

Class members complete assignments and write every week, and then we discuss two people’s stories in depth at the end of each session. It’s so important to have objective, constructive feedback on what we do well and what we can do to make our stories even better.

Offering these small, ongoing classes in my home is an experiment, and so far, it’s a big success. Look for more of these classes for beginning writers, as well as the seasoned pros, after the first of the year.

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