Free Writing Challenge Experiences

Our Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge that began on June 18 wrapped up earlier this week.

Participants were actively engaged all week and shared so many amazing pieces of original work. The challenge featured daily writing prompts, including one special day of sprints, writing on a one-word topic for one minute, for a total of five words in five minutes. Whew!

Here are comments from some of the challenge participants:

“I really enjoy the community of writers, their stories, and the encouraging comments they post both to my writing and the writing of others. I am always impressed by the level of writing and enjoy seeing how familiar names appear and seem to have improved since the last challenge.”
Sarah Fine

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting a new assignment each day and the varied topics were so much fun. Those prompts served to remind me we have many untold stories in our brains and the right prompt can help you reconnect with them.

“I did enjoy posting several of my stories and knowing people read and commented on them. What great encouragement. The variety was wonderful.

“The sprints…WOW! After I paused with the first word to catch my breath, I just went with it and felt such a sense of accomplishment when done.

“My experience with the 7-day writing challenge was, in one word, FANTASTIC. In a second word INSPIRING. And my biggest takeaways were to write, write often, and enjoy my writing.”
Cindi Lynch

“I enjoyed the writing challenge as an opportunity to share my writing. I am no stranger to writing but finding somebody willing to read what I write is more of a challenge.”
Judy Watkins

The Challenge primed my writing pump, which I know is your intention. I lead writing groups both in Florida and Wisconsin, so I have done only occasional writing on my own…With the pump primed, I just may spend more time putting my own words down. All good wishes.
Lois Patton

If you’d still like to be a part of the challenge and write in response to the prompts, you can register here. Happy writing!

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