Short On Words, Not On Fun

(Seated, L/R) Norma Beasley, Jennifer Tooker, Bill Horsch, Judy Otto, Barbara Rawls, M.J. Lucas (Standing, L/R) Elsie Doherty, Jim Doherty, Beverly Bailey, Diane Gosheff, Barbara Powell, Barbara Robertson, Kathy Cowden, Cheryl Floyd, Toni Gitles, Patricia Charpentier

The Micro-Memoir workshop on Saturday, May 12th, shaped up to be a Writing Your Life reunion of many old friends who have written together for many years. There were also some new faces, sure to be regulars in due time!

It was a great day learning about the art of writing short, from six-word memoirs or mom-oir (in observance of Mother’s Day) and timed writing prompts that left participants with the beginnings of many stories that may not have been born otherwise. It was indeed a great day for all.

Participants shared some of their six-word memoir writings:

Mama planted beauty in red clay.
Dad turned strangers into forever friends.
Peach gold kissed by spring sunshine.
–Beverly Bailey

Are you my mother this week?
Brother, I’m not your mother anymore.
–Jennifer Tooker

Slicked-back hair, dark suit, soon-to-be husband.
Long-awaited face, sixteen-hours plus, baby girl.
Failed epidural, nitrous gas, sweet-cry awakens.
–Amanda Benson

Aren’t those terrific? I think so. Give it a try yourself. Then, comment below with your own six-word memoir. I would love to read yours.

If this workshop sounds like something you would have liked, be sure to sign up for next month’s day-long workshop, The Basics of Writing Well. Sign up before the end of May and receive ten dollars off the program cost when you use coupon code tenoff at checkout.


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