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While the origin of the term is unclear, a  mulligan  is generally understood as a second chance to act after something went wrong the first time. Its best-known meaning is in a casual golf game that allows for an extra stroke after a poor shot, which is not counted on the scorecard. It’s a do-over. 

How often have you wished you could go back in time and take a mulligan? Were you playing a sport? Only golf allows for a mulligan. Were you making a major life purchase? It’s usually not possible to take a mulligan there. Was it a physical task? Sometimes, you can redo that.  

What if you said something wrong where someone’s feelings were hurt, or they were highly offended? Maybe, the presentation didn’t go as well as it could have. What you said was not what you meant. Unfortunately, there are no mulligans for verbal errors. Once the words leave your mouth, they can’t be put back in.  

Have you ever done something for which you really wished you could claim a mulligan?  

        • Describe the event and circumstances around it. 
        • Who was involved? 
        • How did you feel? 
        • What would you do differently? 



Submitted by Lou Martindale

A 2015 graduate of the Bloomingdale Life Story writing class in Brandon, Florida, Lou is a semi-retired technical writer, webmaster, and marketing professional. Now living in West Monroe, Louisiana, with her cat Lily, she wrote her World War II veteran father’s and her ninety-seven-year-old mother’s biographies. She continues to write her life stories with a goal of leaving a record for her descendants of what daily life was like for her from cradle to grave. Lou has had several stories published in various publications. She says, “My technical writing pays the bills, but creative non-fiction feeds my soul.”

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