This Week’s Writing Prompt

What did you drink as a child? Tea, milk, juice, soda, Kool-Aid, water, or something else?  

Think about what you drank when you were young.  

      • Was this a drink of choice or at the behest of a caregiver? 
      • Did you like this drink? 
      • What drink did you hate? 
      • How did your drink choices change as you grew up?  
      • Do certain drinks remind you of specific times in your life?  
      • What are the most exotic beverages you’ve sampled in your lifetime? 

Write about a memory involving a childhood drink.

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It would never have occurred to me to write about drinks, or a drink that I had in my childhood. However, after reading the questions above, I realize I do have some memories of childhood drinks that I could write about.

Have you ever drank powdered milk? If not, let me tell you a little bit about it. You scoop some of the powder into a pitcher or glass, add water, stir, and just like that, you have milk…or, what is said to be milk. What does it taste like? Glad you asked. It has a thin, watery consistency, and a pretty bad taste. I was introduced to this unpleasant milk while living in a children’s home when I was 12 years old. It was anything but a pleasant experience, however, and maybe the reason I do not drink milk to… Read more »

This is great, Dottie. I haven’t had powdered milk often, but it was not enjoyable when I did. I love prompts for the very reason you stated. They take us to places we might never have other otherwise visited. If you want more prompts on hand, check out I Remember. It has fifty of my best prompts ready to help you write. Be well.

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Thank you, Patricia. You are very encouraging.

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