It’s Soup-er Cold Outside!

We know it’s cold outside, so we’re giving you a great reason to stay inside. You guessed it-start writing! Here’s a winter writing prompt to warm you up. 

What could be better on a frigid gray day than to settle in over a hot, steamy bowl of soup? It’s already shaped up to be a cold winter, even here in sunny Central Florida. How’s this for perfect timing? January is National Soup Month. Soup-making has been around for ages, prepared in endless varieties and appearing within every regional cuisine around the world. Commercial soup became popular with the invention of canning in the nineteenth century, and today, a great variety of canned and dried soups are on the market. Doctor John T. Dorrance, a chemist with the Campbell Soup Company, invented condensed soup in 1897. 

What about you? Does soup call your name on those chilly days? What soup first comes to mind when you want to warm your bones and come in from the chill? Describe it, from the ingredients to the taste, smell, texture, and colors. Is it a family favorite? Do you create your soup from scratch or enjoy it from the can? If you make yours, who taught you or gave you the recipe? Tell us all about the soups you love in the comments section below.

Remember, all submissions in the month of January will be entered into a drawing for a free Writing Your Life online coaching video.

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