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Most Likely to Wear Leather

Debi Duggar and BessieWhen Debi Duggar finished the motorcycle course, the instructor gave her a certificate titled Most Likely to Wear Leather. He didn’t know then just how appropriate that title would be.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to help Debi capture her amazing, and sometimes challenging, life in writing to entertain and inspire those fortunate enough to read it. She hopes her book will encourage women (and men) to discover and pursue what feeds their souls.

By day, Debi is an educator, but away from work, she is an adventurer on a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey.

From her teens, Debi hopped on the back of boyfriends’ motorcycles, but in 2007 at fifty-two years old, she declared, “I’m gettin’ my own” bike and bought a Harley-Davidson. Since that time, Debi and her beloved motorcycle Bessie have traveled to forty-nine of the United States, mostly solo, and that journey has transformed her life.

Debi says, “Don’t let a number define your dreams. At an age when most women were buying those silly red hats and purple boas, I bought a Harley.” Part memoir, part travelogue, part psychological salvation, her book is about one woman’s spiritual quest, her motorcycle, and their journey together along life’s road. If you’d like to read about some of Debi’s trips and see her amazing photographs, check out her blog at

Congratulations, Debi, and thanks for allowing me to ride along with you in bringing your story to life on the page. Maybe one day, you can take me for an actual ride around town on Bessie.


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