National Waffle Day

I’ve been eating mostly lobster, lately, and haven’t had any waffles. Have you had waffles recently? If not, you should, because today, August 24th, is National Waffles Day!

Food memories tend to stick strongly in our minds, don’t they? The act of eating is so full of all five senses. Just thinking about waffles, you hear and feel the slight crunch of the toasty outside as you take a bite. You may imagine the sight of sticky, drippy syrup puddling into the waffle’s squares. You think about the sweet, buttery, bready taste and, oh, the smell of waffles cooking! There’s nothing like it.

Not only do food memories, maybe breakfast in particular (it is the most important meal of the day, after all), stick in our minds vibrantly, the act of preparing and communally eating tends to bring more many memories to life.

Do you remember sitting down to eat waffles with your family when you were a child? What did the room look like? How were your waffles served? Were the waffles beautiful and perfectly shaped with fruit atop, or were they popped into the toaster straight from the freezer for a quick meal? Would you eat them in your pajamas? What did your pajamas look like? Did you eat waffles alone or with your family? Did you talk while you ate and linger at the table, or did you rush out of your seat and head straight for the bus?

Do you see how a simple topic like waffles can get your mind moving a mile a minute? When you want to quickly inject vitality into your scene or break through a bout of writer’s block, try writing about food.

If you can’t start tomorrow morning eating waffles, you could at least write about waffles, or whatever breakfast food pops into your head first. Then, share your waffle writing with the rest of us below in the comments section. I would love to read your breakfast stories.

If you’d like to learn a little more about National Waffle Day, and get the recipe for a few waffle varieties, click here.

Happy eating, reading, and writing!

photo credit: yoppy waffle via photopin (license)
photo credit: CarlosPacheco Buttermilk Waffe @ Yolk in Provincetown via photopin (license)

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