Our Writing Your Life class is represented in a big way in Oak Tara’s new anthology, Falling in Love with You, scheduled for release in October 2012.

A few months back, Oak Tara Publishers put out a call for submissions by “new and growing authors” who have great falling-in-love stories to tell, either their own or ones told to them. Becky McGregor, Beverly Bailey and I all submitted stories.

This past week, we found out that Writing Your Life is three for three. All of our stories will be featured in the Falling in Love with You anthology. We are excited to be included and can’t wait to share our stories with you who help and support us every step of the way.  

OakTara Publishing has more anthologies to come on a wide variety of topics. I will keep your posted as I hear about them in case you’d like to submit some of your work for consideration.

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