Last weekend I hosted a special eighty-fifth birthday celebration for my mom at her memory care house. My husband and a few friends helped me pull out all the stops. We placed decorations and balloons everywhere, then donned our party hats and waited for our dog friends to arrive.

Mom’s face glowed beneath her birthday tiara as she devoured the melting Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream cake. On Sunday, she was the Queen of Port Margate, which was better than any present I could have given her. What a joy it was to see her so happy and honored.

Have you had the joy of planning or hosting a special celebration? Maybe you were on the receiving end of a loved one’s efforts to honor you. Recall the event and what happened.

          • What was the occasion?
          • What was your involvement—party host or the one celebrated?
          • When and where was the celebration?
          • Who else was there?
          • How did you feel during and after the event?
          • Describe a scene with some of the essential elements, such as the setting, characters, dialogue, vivid language, and action.

Share your response in the comments section below.

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How wonderful to see you so happy with your Mom. Good job girl! As it happened, I was having a party of my own the day you prompted us to write on this subject. I share my story … Party for Two It’s only 3:43 in the afternoon, but we know it’s five o’clock somewhere, so I grabbed some cold beer from the frig and met Larry on Deerfield Way. Adirondack chairs are begging our company. In the Northeast, as October wanes, we prepare for the first snowfall just weeks away. Our tractors and muscles hummed all day. The vegetable… Read more »

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