May Day celebrates the beauty of nature and life’s abundance.

The dormant seeds of winter we wrote about several weeks ago are now emerging from the soil and bursting into new life. The renewal of what was considered dead is a pervasive springtime theme that manifests itself in vernal celebrations like Easter, Passover, and May Day. 

How do you celebrate spring? What memories do you have about this time of year—spring, Easter, Passover? 

  • What activities or events do you associate with this season? 
  • Is there a particular event you remember? 
  • Is this a happy time of year for you? 
  • What do you like or dislike about this time of year? 
  • Consider sharing a specific memory or moment from the past related to this season. 
  • Remember to incorporate all of your senses, describe the setting, and include other characters who were present.

All posts in response to our writing prompts in May will be entered into our drawing to win a free online coaching video—that’s a $20 value! We will draw the name of our winner at the end of the month and announce it in our newsletter. Go for it!

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