I always hear from clients about the special time they had sharing the books they wrote with loved ones. Sometimes, I have the chance to participate in the festivities. What an honor!

One such opportunity came with my client Lucille Ellson who wrote her 104-year-old husband’s life story, My First Hundred Years. Floyd passed away in 2012 and didn’t get to see the finished book but was definitely at this amazing event in spirit.

I remember telling Lucille, who is so young at heart at ninety-nine years old, that I was glad she chose to continue writing Floyd’s story even after his death. Her response made me laugh. “I know the first thing Floyd is going to ask me when I see him in heaven is, ‘Did you finish my book?’” Well, Lucille, you can stand tall on that day because you more than finished Floyd’s book; you made it a beautiful and touching remembrance of a life well lived.

With nearly one hundred people in attendance, a band, a sit-down lunch, a waltz danced by two family friends, excerpts of Floyd’s story read by his children and their spouses, and a song titled “You’re a Great Aunt, Lucille” sung to one of Kenny Rodgers’ songs, the day was one I will not soon forget. But my favorite part of the day was seeing the joy in Lucille’s face as she talked about her husband of sixty-nine years and the book celebrating his life and what he held dear, first and foremost his family, most of whom were gathered that day to remember and acknowledge Lucille’s great accomplishment.

Well done, Lucille. Thank you for allowing me to play a small part in helping you fulfill Floyd’s dream. Now, let’s write the story of your early life before Floyd.

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