Are you ready for a Challenge? Do you need a jumpstart to get you writing through a hot and busy summer? Join me, and others from across the country and abroad, for this June’s Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge.

This is how the Challenge works:

  • Commit to writing something every day, starting June 19th. The amount is up to you—write a paragraph, a page, or ten pages.
  • Receive a writing prompt designed to trigger memories each day for seven days.
  • Gain exclusive access to an online community of other writers participating in the challenge.
  • Post your stories, make encouraging comments in response to others’ posts, ask questions, or just check in for the day.
  • Wrap up the challenge with my free Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Webinar

If this sounds like fun, and believe me, it will be, register today and get ready for seven days of tiptoeing through the tulips of your memory. If you have participated in a Challenge before, you will need to go ahead and create a user ID and password. Access information for and content from all previous challenge participants is deleted after each Challenge, so you’re previous user ID and password will not work.

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