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Tag: setting

Photo memories

Call to mind a photograph of you as a child that is familiar to you. It may be one that hung on the wall of your home throughout your growing up years or possibly, an image of your young self you’ve recently seen for the first time. How old are you in the photograph?  What…

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Holiday memories

As we prepare to close the door on 2012, Christmas, Hanukkah and holidays, what moment from this season will you remember? Is it a happy moment or a sad one? Describe this instance in detail? Who does it involve? Where were you? What happened? What about this moment makes it so memorable? Set your timer…

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Turkey Talk

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and you know we have to talk turkey in this week’s Wednesday writing prompt. We could write about how grateful we are for the many blessings we experience each and every day—and I encourage you to do that—but for today’s writing exercise, let’s write about turkey days that didn’t go quite like…

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Writing with photographs, part two

In last week’s post on Writing with Photographs, we talked about ways to look at photographs—how to systematically examine the photograph’s physical characteristics, inventory the image, listen for the story the picture has to tell and answer the basic who-what-where-when-why-how questions. Now, let’s focus our attention on what to do with the information gleaned from…

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Birds of a Feather

I like birds. I don’t consider myself a birder, but I do enjoy watching our feathered friends—those that used to hang around the feeder at my old house and the ones that come to visit the lake where I live now. I often observe unusual bird situations like a couple of weeks ago when thirty…

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