This Week’s Writing Prompt:

As I write this, Hurricane Dorian crawls ever closer toward Florida’s east coast, bringing our everyday lives to a halt. Schools, businesses, and stores have closed in anticipation of Dorian’s arrival. With home preparations complete and supplies stocked, we wait.

Some spend this time enjoying books, puzzles, and movies with family while indulging in their stash of hurricane snacks. Others prefer to catch up on tasks that otherwise wouldn’t get done now that they are captive in their homes. Nonetheless, time passes, and the rains and winds eventually come.

I have lived in central Florida for thirty years and in South Louisiana for another thirty-three years, so I have ridden out quite a few hurricanes. I can still recall the sound of the first storm, Hurricane Hilda, I experienced in 1964 in a shelter in Opelousas, Louisiana, where people played Go Fish with me most of the night.

The howling wind and the rain beating against the windows terrified me. The next morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes: parts of fences tossed everywhere, cars upended like toys, downed trees and limbs, roofs ripped off buildings, and incredible flooding.

We wondered if we still had a home in Charenton but couldn’t find out until days later when they cleared the roads enough for us to travel. Because my dad was a carpenter, we were allowed back in before everyone else. Thankfully, our house was still there, damaged and surrounded by downed trees, but habitable even though we had no power or running water for a couple of weeks.

Another thing that surprised me and warmed my heart was in the aftermath. A neighbor went door-to-door, delivering hot coffee, asking if everyone was okay. Others gathered outside with tools and trash cans to help each other gather debris and haul limbs into piles.

What about you? What experience have you had with a significant weather event?

  • What happened?
  • When and where was it?
  • Describe your experience, including who you were with, how you felt, and what you did. Did you lose power? If so, how did that impact you?
  • If your experience included a long waiting period, how did you occupy your time?
  • Share about the aftermath. What did it look like outside? What did you experience?

Share your response in the comments section below.

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