Writing Prompt: Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween. Do you have your candy bowl and a costume ready?

Holidays are always so full of memories, thanks to their upkeep of traditions; their abundance of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes; and the way they stand out from all the other days in our lives.

Today, I’d like you to bring one of your Halloween memories to life. Maybe you could write your memory in story form. Did you have a particularly memorable costume one year? Did you have a scary memory of trick or treating? Have you been to any fabulous costume parties? Did you have a favorite candy? Perhaps celebrating Halloween with your children was most special to you.

I want to taste the candy corn, feel the fright, or picture the costume when I read your words.

Describe your most fun, frightening, festive Halloween memory. If you don’t have one, tell me why not. Perhaps you have a ghost story to tell, instead. Boo!

Please be sure to share your story in the comments section below for everyone to enjoy.


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