Writing Prompt: Trail of Stuff

Do you ever look around your home and think, how did I accumulate all this stuff? If you’re anything like me, you spend a good amount of time trying to declutter and manage all the stuff that wanders into your life.

But, have you ever taken a look at your possessions and asked yourself what those items say about you?

We humans really do leave a trail of stuff that follows us through life. When examined, this trail of stuff can reflect who we are. Think of profilers on TV shows who paint a portrait of someone by looking at the items in their homes.

For this week’s writing prompt, I’d like you to take a mental inventory of your stuff and make a list of the items, large or small, that come to mind. Set a timer for four minutes and Just make a list of the items in two to three words. Don’t write out complete sentences.

Once you’ve done that, I’d like you to profile yourself. Look at the items on the list and write a description of what those items tell you. What do they reveal about you? Why do you think you listed those items? Are there any particular stories attached to these items? What is their significance? Write about your stuff and what it says about you.

Then consider joining us for the last Writing in the Galleries session at the Orlando Museum of on Saturday, October 27 where we’re going to learn to write about stuff.

If you are willing, please share your profile in the comments below so we can all enjoy your stories.


photo credit: Protopian Pickle Jar Kitchen window via photopin (license)

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