medium_9741616707I hear that old insurance company jingle talking about being a “good neighbor” all the time, and it occurred to me today that so many of us don’t really connect with our neighbors the way we used to. Maybe since the whole world became accessible from our home computers, it’s been hard to remember that there are real human beings right on the other side of our four walls!

When I was thinking about this week’s writing prompt, I realized that everyone has their own very distinct definition of what they consider to be “a good neighbor”: perhaps it’s that they have a perfectly manicured front lawn, their animals never get loose and terrorize you, whether you know you can count on them for a quick cup of sugar in a pinch, or whether you never have to see or hear them at all.

This week, write about what “being a good neighbor” means to you, and give some real-life examples (or non-examples) of neighbors you have now or have had in the past. (This is a great opportunity to vent a little, if you don’t have the ideal neighbors…) Have times changed? Have you changed? Are you a good neighbor?  Set your timer for 10 minutes; have a little fun!

And give your neighbors an extra-long smile next time you run into them.

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