Dog Food 002We rely on our senses—sound, sight, touch, smell and taste—every minute of every day to navigate our lives, but those senses can also be a vehicle that takes us back to long ago times and places. Think about the “taste” of your childhood. What were the foods that defined your early years? What were the non-foods that also ended up assaulting your taste buds?

I well remember the taste of the black dirt under my friend Princess’ house (that was her real name), the minty flavor of white paste in Miss Veeder’s first grade class, and the bland crunch of my dog Shep’s Gravy Train. After that, I couldn’t understand why he got so excited about dinnertime.

So for today, let’s write about the various tastes of your younger years. First take five minutes to make a list of the foods, and non-foods, you consumed as a child. Then pick one of the items on your list and write about it for the next ten minutes. Set your timer. Go.

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