Amy Archer

“[It] was more important for me to be honest than vengeful,” writes Anne Archer in her article entitled, “Writing the Truth in Memoir: Don’t Skimp on Objectivity.”

Remaining objective, especially when we write about people who may have hurt us, is a difficult task, one which requires work and understanding. Archer points out several reasons we might seek to show the world the faults of those who wronged us, why we, “[need] the reader to be on our side.” She provides important lessons to help us avoid this writing trap.

The article reminds me of one of the reasons I refer to other non-judgmental memoirs such as The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls when I teach workshops. Through objectivity, we invite our readers to have their own experience with our story. I appreciate Archer’s journey toward understanding her own motivations and intentions through the revision process.

I hope you will enjoy reading the article as much as I did.

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