I’ve been immersed in all things nonphysical these last couple of weeks as I prepare for my Spiritual Memoir workshop this Saturday, July 15th. So, anyway, I’m watching a quirky movie the other night, and the main female character says, “I unfriended God a long time ago.”

The way she said it struck me as funny at the time, but I’ve certainly had periods in my life where I wanted nothing to do with God, Goddess, religion, higher power, spirit, the divine, whatever you want to call it. Those were some of the darkest and most painful times of my life.

So, let’s write about those uncertain times. Did a certain situation bring about this crisis of belief? How did you respond to it? What, if anything, did you do? Have you come to an understanding about this time? Or if you’ve not had these times of disillusionment and doubt, have not experienced a loss of faith, write about that. Why do you think you have not been shaken by life’s curve balls?

I know this is a personal subject, so you don’t have to share what you’ve written if you’re not comfortable, but do write something. You may be enlightened when your fingers begin to form words and sentences. Ready? Go.

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