Three-Story TreehouseWhat is your craziest wish? Define crazy as you’d like. Spell out this crazy wish in detail. Let us see and experience it as you envision it. Why is this your wish? What do you hope to gain if this wish is realized? What about it makes you think it’s crazy? What is standing in your way of making it a reality? Write about your craziest wish.

Probably, my craziest wish is to live in a treehouse on a lake in the thick woods or jungle. I have my treehouse all planned out. It has three stories and lots of windows and skylights. The first level is a comfortable, open area where I teach classes, have retreats, and invite people to write surrounded by the beauty of nature. Don’t worry. I have a lift if those stairs are too much to tackle.

The second story is where Bob and I live when we are at the treehouse; this is a second home for us because I really like the city too. It’s open, has a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and loft bedroom.

The smaller top story is my writing studio where I am eye level with the trees and birds. The space is filled with books and drenched in inspiration, and I write wonderful stories in my cozy hideaway. Oh, and Pete Nelson of

Oh, and Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters and his crew are going to build my dream treehouse for me.

Crazy? Probably, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming it. Someday, I may be rich and famous and have my treehouse in the woods. I’ll invite you over for a visit.

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