Join me at the 21st Annual Central Florida Family History Conference on Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for one of the largest family history conferences on the East Coast of the United States. This regional event at Olympia High School in Orlando brings world-class speakers from all over the country to help you find your family’s history. I will be among many speakers giving presentations throughout the day. Registration for an entire day of workshops, lectures, the chance to meet and mingle with experts and fellow genealogists is only $35. You also have the ability to reserve times for one-on-one coaching sessions with the presenters.

I’d love to see you smiling face at any or all of the four workshops I’m presenting:

Raising the Dead – This informative and fun presentation focuses on different methods of preserving family history and how to take ancestral facts—names, places and dates—and turn them into interesting and enjoyable stories without fictionalizing the material. We’ll discuss different ways to look at historical data with an eye for story. Then, I’ll give you five great tips on how to get started.

Your Journey Story – A journey story…one of the most popular approaches to writing family history. Learn to combine your genealogical adventures and experiences with research obtained into an interesting family history story. Write yourself into the story and take your readers along as you master the microfilm machine, hit the brick walls, and revel in finds as you come to know those who have gone before you.

Don’t Make Your Descendants Research You – As genealogists, many of us focus our time and energy researching and writing about our ancestors and neglect to record our own lives. Be inspired and guided in writing your life story in this hands-on workshop that helps you leave your descendants a great gift.

Put Some Meat on Dem Bones – Our genealogical charts and family trees provide us with a wealth of information that tell us where we came from and who went before us. Those priceless details form a structure for our history, but how do we put some meat on dem bones? In this lively workshop, we examine many sources of information we can use to fill in the blanks and give depth and meaning to the facts.

The admission fee is $35.00 per person and includes a conference notebook full of workshop handouts. Lunch and a conference CD will be available for an additional fee. Genealogists younger than eighteen years old can experience the entire day free!

Ten classes run simultaneously all day. View the Schedule to find my classes and times, and be sure to register and choose the workshops you want to attend as soon as possible because seating is limited.

According to the conference website, “You will get an e-mail confirmation of your classes, and when you arrive at the conference you will receive a print-out of the class schedule you have chosen.” To find out all registration details, be sure to check out the event registration page.

I would love to spend the day with you at this great conference. Don’t miss it!


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