Fall is upon us. The season brings us autumn colors, holidays, and happy memories. One thing that also comes with fall—school. It may seem like such a long time ago or recent, but we all went to school and we all have stories from our experience there.

What is your favorite memory about school? Who was your favorite teacher, and what do you remember about him or her? How did they help you? What did the classroom look like? What do you remember about other students?

Take some time and brainstorm about these people, listing phrases they said, styles of clothes they wore, and any other sensory-related memory. Give yourself about ten minutes to make your list. Once you complete your list, don’t wait. Sit down and start writing for fifteen minutes.

We would love to hear from you and read your work. If you feel so inclined, please email your piece to patricia@writingyourlife.org so we can share your writing exercise with the rest of our readers. Feel free to also share what you learned from this experience.

Are you ready? Begin.

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