23307361779_e158cfa0ef_bWas dancing a part of your growing up years? What did you like about dancing? What were some of your favorite songs of styles of music to dance to? Where did you dance? Did you dance at house parties, sock hops, teenage centers? How good of a dancer were you? Where did you learn to dance? Who taught you your best moves? Who was your favorite dance partner? What made him/her so fun to dance with?

Maybe you hated dancing and dreaded going to parties where people expected you to dance. If so, tell us about that. What about dancing did you dislike? Did you enjoy watching people dance? Maybe your beliefs prohibited you from dancing? How did you feel about that? Did you secretly want to dance?

As you can see, this topic is wide open, so pick a thread and allow the prompt to take you to familiar or, maybe, even unexpected places as you write about the topic of dance in your life. Tell us about your experience with dance in the comments section below. I can’t wait to read about your best moves.

photo credit: Invitation To Dance via photopin (license)

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