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Tag: cruise

Port of Call: Falmouth, Jamaica

Jamaica has long been a mainstay of Caribbean vacations as a year-round haven for sun and fun-seekers, filled with jungled mountains and waterfalls, beautiful sandy beaches, and notoriously friendly locals. The Port of Falmouth is on Jamaica's North coast, slightly east of Montego Bay, and is a new addition to Royal Caribbean's cruising itinerary. In 2011, the…

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Norma Beasley is cruisin’ with us

I am a West Virginia native, the great granddaughter of a slave and a Cherokee Indian. Having lost both parents by the age of three, my grandparents raised me. There are no siblings. After earning an M.F.A. in art from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, my career transitioned into textbook publishing, then continued into the digital publishing environment. I’m an avid…

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Cruise Ship Cabins

Cruise ship cabins ain’t what they used to be It’s been twenty-five years since I’ve been on a cruise, and times have certainly changed. Back then, I paid extra for a cabin with a porthole and got an eight to twelve-inch glass window so thick I couldn’t see anything out of it. The many options for cabins now…

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Full speed ahead

Preparation for the Writing the Waves cruise in May 2013 is traveling full speed ahead with people reserving their spots at the writing table and selecting from the best cabins available. Don’t miss the boat. (Sorry about all the nautical puns. I couldn’t help myself.) If you’d like to know more about the cruise and…

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