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Tag: life story

The Only Way to Do Memoir: a Storyical Interview

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed on a new podcast about writing and publishing life story. What an honor to share with listeners about the work I love. Storyical is a relatively new podcast produced by Peta Roberts of Life Story Professionals in Santa Clara, California. Storyical aims to help new authors push through the barriers they might encounter when recording or writing their memoirs. Episodes inspire writers to turn stories into life histories and share practical advice for capturing that story.

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Photo memories

Call to mind a photograph of you as a child that is familiar to you. It may be one that hung on the wall of your home throughout your growing up years or possibly, an image of your young self you’ve recently seen for the first time. How old are you in the photograph?  What…

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Lesson in love

Today, let’s write about love. Who is it or was it in your life who taught you the most about love?  What did they teach you?  How did they teach you about love?  Pay attention to the first name or image that pops into your mind. It might not be who you expect, but don’t…

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