The Only Way to Do Memoir: a Storyical Interview

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed on a new podcast about writing and publishing life story. What an honor to share with listeners about the work I love.

Storyical is a relatively new podcast produced by Peta Roberts of Life Story Professionals in Santa Clara, California. Storyical aims to help new authors push through the barriers they might encounter when recording or writing their memoirs. Episodes inspire writers to turn stories into life histories and share practical advice for capturing that story.

Storyical’s host, Peta, chats on air with two main kinds of guests: those who have written their own memoir and personal historians who help others record their stories. Ordinary people talk about how they started recording their life histories and what has happened as a result. The podcast shares some of the unusual ways people have chosen to capture and share their life stories: photo pilgrimages; singing life stories; memoir in film; even a whole town collaborating on a memoir comprised of over 400 contributors. Storyical also produces reviews of books, apps, and websites related to life story. 

Recently, Storyical approached me as a feature for an episode, based on Writing Your Life’s work. During Episode 23, titled “The Only Way To Do Memoir Wrong Is To Not Do It At All,” I share about goal-setting and timelines as a way of getting people to look at the span of their entire life and choosing to write a portion of it. I include some anecdotes about how I help my writing clients reach the goal of printing a book, despite 95% of them never having written before. I still marvel at how amazing that is!

Doing the podcast with Peta was a new experience for me, and I enjoyed it so much. I’d love for you to check out the episode here, as well as check out some of Peta’s and Storyical’s other fantastic podcasts.

Storyical is accessible via Apple Podcasts, Google Play and other major podcast platforms, or follow Storyical on Facebook where new episodes are released.




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