551 (1)I had the opportunity to speak with the Celebrators on April 3rd. The Celebrators are a non-profit club for Town of Celebration residents over 50, who gather regularly to volunteer and socialize. Our morning together was a joy! We had a lively full house filled with energetic and enthusiastic folks. We heard many many wonderful responses to the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon. One particularly delightful woman in the front row, Dorothy Turner, was ninety-eight years old. Despite her poor eyesight, she wrote and shared her response with the group; it was clear she had a full, well-lived life, and she had many stories to tell. It’s so inspiring to see a room full of people who may or may not have ever thought to write down stories of their lives, and even in such a short amount of time they are able to come up with interesting, thoughtful, insightful, and amazing snippets of writing.

 I received some dear responses following the workshop and I wanted to share them with you here.

 Charles Rigby

Dear Patricia: Your presentation today at the Celebrators was both instructive and inspiring. I am attaching a poem that I have written that seems to go with your use of the moment theme.

 Captured Moments

by Charles S. Rigby

I’ve never passed this way before and never will again.
For things will never be the same no matter where or when.
It’s only in this moment that life is given to me
A moment given only once to which my soul is free
The presence of this present state, yes given only once
As moments add to hours then weeks build into months.
Moments are but vessels available to you
Their worth is made or lost upon the things we do.
For doing fills these vessels as we use this world of now
Let’s pray that God of heaven will always show us how.

Ginger Montague

Patricia, I enjoyed your talk and think I actually learned something too. The piece I wrote was by my own description the bad one-LOL. I wasn’t going to write anything and then in the last minute I wrote:

I’m from the genes of many cultures,
from many religions,
and many places…

I am a mess but interested in all that happened before I existed.

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