4391219901_fd2b5b25ec_b (1)You’ve written a great story. You described the people, set the stage, electrified the events, accomplished all the tasks you know are necessary to make your manuscript shine. But what about those annoying mistakes that hide in your blind spots? How do you eliminate unconscious habits that leak the life out of your brilliant stories?

APSSlogoFind out this Thursday, February 18th, at 7:30 p.m., when I give my free Electronic Editing Webinar for APSS, a nonprofit trade association of authors and independent publishers with the mission to be the premier source of information, education and help for publishers of high-quality content published in printed, electronic or audio form for sale to consumers, non-bookstore retailers and non-retail buyers. 

In this webinar workshop, discover a variety of free or inexpensive electronic tools designed to root out typos, overused words and phrases, redundant sentence structures, and a variety of other oversights that dull the shine of your fabulous stories.

To register for this free Electronic Editing webinar, click here.

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