Get Started–Write My Story Webinar

Join me as I host my first video-chat webinar, Get Started–Write My Story, this Thursday, March 2nd at 7:30 p.m. EST, and it’s free! Let’s talk about how to jump start writing your story!

Getting started is the most difficult part of any project, especially a writing project. We’ll talk about how to begin in a way that will keep you going until the last period at the end of the last sentence. I’ll suggest immediate actions you can take to help you see your writing project through to completion, and I’ll share an inspiring success story or two. Then I’ll open the line for questions and comments.

This is the webinar originally scheduled for the end of the Seven-Day Writing Challenge. If you registered for the challenge, you are all set until it’s time to access the webinar this Thursday. You do not need to register again. If you didn’t participate in the challenge, simply click here to be a part of the fun, free webinar. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive further instruction about how to join us online this Thursday.

Only the first fifty people will have access to the live event, so sign in early. For everyone else, fear not. You will be able to view a recording of the webinar until Tuesday, March 7th at noon.

Again, if you did not sign up for the Seven-Day Writing Challenge and want to participate, register here for the Get Started–Write My Story webinar.

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about the Get Started–Write My Story coaching program starting next week, but if you can’t wait, click on the link and take a sneak peak. Who knows? Maybe that might be the next step to seeing your writing dreams come true.

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