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Tag: characters

Writing with photographs, part two

In last week’s post on Writing with Photographs, we talked about ways to look at photographs—how to systematically examine the photograph’s physical characteristics, inventory the image, listen for the story the picture has to tell and answer the basic who-what-where-when-why-how questions. Now, let’s focus our attention on what to do with the information gleaned from…

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Full speed ahead

Preparation for the Writing the Waves cruise in May 2013 is traveling full speed ahead with people reserving their spots at the writing table and selecting from the best cabins available. Don’t miss the boat. (Sorry about all the nautical puns. I couldn’t help myself.) If you’d like to know more about the cruise and…

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The Rosary

Last week in South Louisiana, I had a pleasant surprise when Mary Prudhomme came by to visit. Mary has been my parents’ next door neighbor for years. She and her husband Blue raised their two daughters, Chris and Sue, in the house down the street from our home. Once I moved to Florida, I didn’t see…

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Reasons to write

At the First Saturday Writing Workshop a couple of days ago, I was reminded of the importance of writing our life stories in such a vivid way . I gave a prompt to write about one of the most unusual things the participants had ever seen in the sky. I expected big sightings—the aurora borealis,…

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