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Ready to stop talking and start writing?

Do you want to stop talking about writing your life story and actually start doing it? Then read on.

Many people have had great success in writing thousands and thousands of words in the Finish My Book in 90 Days coaching program, but just the idea of attempting a first draft of a book in three months can be daunting. People have told me they want to write their life stories, but they want to ease into it, take it a bit slower. Well, I’ve heard you, and the Get Started—Write My Story is just what you asked for

I went through the more than 85 videos in the Finish My Book in 90 Days coaching program, picked out ten or so videos that will best help you begin the process of writing your stories, and created the Get Started—Write My Story program. You will learn:Get Started - Write My Story Logo

  • the difference between memoir and autobiography
  • how to create a life story timeline
  • ways to approach your writing project
  • how to focus in on the story you want to write
  • how to master the write-now-organize-later approach
  • ways to quiet your inner critic
  • how the writing process works
  • develop some good writing habits
  • utilize brainstorming tools and techniques
  • and much, much more

The Get Started—Write My Story program also includes group and one-on-one coaching through the process; worksheets, handouts, outlines, and other written materials; an exclusive online community to support and encourage you; access to videos at your convenience, 24/7. The next Get Started—Write My Story begins in February 2016.

The bargain price for this amazing program is $147, but if you sign up before November 30th, you get it for just $117. Click on the link to read more about Get Started—Write My Story and how it can help you stop talking and start writing your story, or if you know this program is for you, click on sign up now and I’ll send you a free get-started package to point you in the right direction.

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