People are the vehicles through which we tell our stories, and places are the containers that hold our experiences, so it’s critical that we wrPeople___Places_Bite vividly about the people and places of our lives.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce my next program, Writing People and Places, which begins Tuesday, June 14th with an informative call where you meet your fellow travelers on this journey.

Writing People and Places runs for one month, and in that time, you receive more than ten instructional videos, which give you a proven method to write richly about people and places. While this program is geared toward life story writing, many fiction writers tell me the information in the videos helped them greatly in creating and developing characters.

Topics in the Writing People and Places include how to:

  • write about people
  • feature major and minor characters
  • create good dialog
  • punctuate dialog
  • set the stage
  • write in scene
  • show (don’t tell) emotion
  • quiet the critic
  • slay the dragon (a look at Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech-to-text software)
  • read like a writer, and more.

With each video comes a useful note-taking outline and a helpful assignment, which allows you to apply the information you just learned. Handouts, charts, and other aids are also available with many of the videos.

In addition to the videos you watch at your convenience as often as you’d like for six full months, you are also invited to three live calls designed to answer your questions. The group calls are recorded, so if you miss one, you can always listen to a playback. You are also entitled to a thirty-minute, one-on-one coaching session with me tailored to your needs.

If you’ve ever priced programs of this nature, you likely found that they cost $1,000 or more, but I want as many people as possible to experience this training, so I’m not charging near that amount.

You can participate fully in the program—receive all the videos, outlines, assignments, and handouts; join the three Q&A calls; enjoy a coaching session designed just for you—all for just $129, if you register before June 1st. After June 1st, the price goes up to $149.

As a bonus, if you sign up before June 1st, you receive one free, extra coaching session before June 14th to help you achieve the best possible results from the program.

If you’ve participated in any other Writing Your Life coaching programs—Finish My Book in 90 Days, Get Started—Write My Story, Edit Like an Expert, or Electronic Editing—contact Patricia at for a coupon code to receive an additional $30 discount for the Writing People and Places program.

I’d love to help you make the people in your life as vivid on the page as they are in your memory and paint pictures in the minds of your readers of the key places in your life. Join me for this all-important program.

I’m convinced! This is just the help I need.Sign Up Now ButtonMy guarantee to you. Go through the first two weeks, do the assignments, participate fully, and if you find this program is not for you, I will refund your full payment, no questions asked. Sign up for Writing People and Places today. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Writing People and Places is part of the See It Through! educational series and the Finish My Book in 90 Days coaching program offered by Writing Your Life.

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