Make Writing Fun in 2013, day two

Happy New Year, and welcome to day two of Make Writing Fun in 2013. Yesterday, we talked about how important it is to have a pen you enjoy writing with, and I challenged you with the task of finding your perfect pen. Have you done that yet?

Today, we’ll focus on the second P, people.

People – By its nature, writing is an isolated activity. You go into a darkened room, close the door, put your head down, and write. Really? That doesn’t sound like much fun. But writing doesn’t need to mean keeping yourself company with me, myself and I. Include other like-minded people in your writing efforts, and the results may surprise you.

There are lots of ways to write with other people. Attend a workshop such as the First Saturday Writing Workshop five-year journal scheduled for this Saturday, January 5th, sign up for a class, go on the Writing the Waves cruise in May 2013 (sorry for all the shameless plugs, but classes work). When you hear what others’ write, it stimulates your memory and gives you ideas you might otherwise have thought about.

I see this all the time in classes I teach. Someone reads a paragraph or two they wrote, and a line or a reference pings around the room. I can almost see the light bulbs going on above several people’s heads. I go to workshops for myself every chance I get because of the energy I receive from being in the company of other writers.

You can also create your own writing encounter. I just heard from two class members, Sue Powers and June Hays, about their resolution for 2013—to write every Wednesday night at Toojay’s in Colonial Plaza. What a great idea! Maybe you can grab a friend and do something similar, if not once a week, maybe once a month. You can have a bite to eat, visit for a bit, and then get down to writing!

One word of caution if you go this route—be specific with your intentions. Set firm start and end times. Dedicate a certain amount of time to socializing and the rest to writing. It’s easy to eat up all your time chatting and leave none for writing.

People make the writing process fun. Plus, having writing partners holds us accountable for the things we say we want to do, like write our life story in 2013.

Today’s challenge – Look for or create an opportunity to write with other people. Pick out a class or workshop or set up a time to write with someone you know and commit to it. Put your name on the proverbial dotted line. Block out the time on your calendar, register for the workshop, do something concrete with others this week to enhance your writing life.

Share your thoughts – Do you like to write with other people? Why? What do you gain from this experience? How did you respond to this challenge? What results did you achieve?

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